Laurie J Cochrane at the Sudbury Theatre Centre

2 May 2023 TO 20 June 2023


Sudbury Theatre Centre

Sudbury Theatre Centre
170 rue Shaughnessy Street
Sudbury, ON
P3E 3E7

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Laurie J Cochrane


Ally Zmijowskyj Carlos

Artist Statement

I have combined my love of nature and my love for painting.

As a young mother living in Western Australia I attended community painting classes which eventual led me to studying a Fine Art Degree. Exploration in paint and different styles reconfirmed my love for landscape painting. Upon returning to my roots in Northern Ontario in 2020 I was able to set up my art studio, explore the area around our home and paint the changing seasons.

Covid was a time to remain local, find solace in the outdoor activities of hiking, snow shoeing, and boating all which would inspire me to paint the landscape. I enjoy the everchanging vistas from quiet snow filled mornings to magical northern lights which occurred in March. I often sketch plein air and take photos while in the bush. These studies allow me to see the sky, land and river from different perspectives. Notions of space, colour and light are present in my large paintings.

The painting titled “Resilience” is my iconic painting that will be featured. I love the motif of the pine which represents resilience and
strength. In some cultures the tree has strong ties to mother earth and the living landscape connecting earth to the heavens.

My paintings are a celebration of nature and the harmonious collaboration of hand and paint.

– Laurie J Cochrane, 2023

Artist, Laurie J. Cochrane, in studio.

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