Joey Solomon: Indisputable Realities

18 May 2023 TO 27 August 2023

Artist Statement The visual representations within these paintings do not contain social commentary, but are surreal depictions of the historical, and current treatment of indigenous peoples all over Canada. Destruction of stolen historic land, residential schools, pollution, MMIW2S (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit People), and religious oppression, are not topics easily discussed or approached. […]

Emma Ducharme at the Laughing Buddha

10 January 2023 TO 10 April 2023

Artist Biography Emma Ducharme is an emerging Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist exploring futurism in abstraction. Working from intuitive graphite sketches to generate dimensional, geometric wall sculptures, Ducharme’s lengthy process and labour-intensive works implore the vitality of awareness; stressing the importance of rest and self-reflection in the dismantling of capitalist, colonial systems that value robotic productivity over […]

The Teaching is in the Making: Re(Store)ied Memories of Anishinabeg

26 October 2016 TO 22 January 2017

Anishnawbekwe artists Celeste Pedri-Spade and Leanna Marshall. Jingle dresses [healing/story dresses], photography and beaded medallions have a contemporary twist on the traditional forms. However, the process of listening, learning and teaching remains the same. Celeste Pedri-Spade and Leanna Marshall collaborate to present an exhibition focusing on learning, storytelling and healing. Zaagiwidin is an Anishnaabe word […]

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