Ruth Wallace at the Sudbury Theatre Centre

7 February 2023 TO 28 March 2023


Sudbury Theatre Centre

170 Shaughnessy St, Greater Sudbury, ON P3E 3E

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Ruth Wallace


In this show Sudbury-Scapes, (Sudbury meaning a fortified place; but I like to call it a blessed place with so much to offer to the senses, and so many natural resources), and (Scapes: to describe the land. It is my intent to share with you a collection of artworks I have created of the vast area of land called Sudbury.

It’s usually thought of as an industrial town because of the mining industry here, and it certainly is… but to many of us who live in the area, it has so much more to offer. We have the Cambrian shield with gorgeous outcroppings of granite and various types of mineral rich stone. We are blessed with many lakes and plenty of wildlife. There are vast forests of Birch, Maple, and Pine to only name a few! There isn’t much in my eyes not to love about the area of Sudbury, it has so much to offer, and I am proud of the beautiful place I call home – Sudbury.

Thank you for visiting my show as it is my hearts desire for you to enjoy this place as much as I do. And hopefully it will bring back a memory or provoke in you a desire to look a little closer.

Installation view.


Ruth Wallace is an award-winning artist from the Greater Sudbury area. She enjoys creating traditional realistic style artworks from a variety of mediums, although oils are her favorite, she is also known for pastel and colored pencils in her body of work. She is best recognized for her landscape paintings, but she also likes to paint other subjects.

She recently created a website where you can buy original art, art prints and merchandise at You can subscribe to her newsletter to get regular updates about her life and new artworks, workshops, art demos, events, and giveaways.

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