Three kids tie recycled plastic strands to a fence in the shape of a maple leaf

Schools & Community Groups

School Groups

Workshop & Tour

Field trips to the Art Gallery of Sudbury are hands-on, engaging, and the perfect way to introduce students to art. Each gallery visit provides an in-depth look at the creative process and a chance for students to try their own hand at an art technique. 

Program Length: Field trips are 120 minutes long and include both a tour of the gallery and a hands-on workshop

Program Fees: $9 per student (no charge for chaperones or teachers)

Gallery Outreach

The Art Gallery of Sudbury offers unique, hands-on classroom experiences designed to introduce students to art through a variety of activities. Our outreach programs provide both discussion-based presentations and hands on art workshops.

Program Length: Each classroom visit is approx. 75 minutes in length, depending on class schedule.

Program Fees: $195 for one class (maximum of 30 students) includes all materials. $9 per student over the Max 30.

Community Groups

Corporate Team Building Excursions

This workshop is based on the premise that in being outdoors and making art, we exercise “muscles” that we need in adapting to change and stepping beyond our comfort zone, thinking creatively and combining thoughts and ideas in new ways, challenging ourselves physically and imaginatively.

Plein air Excursions at Onaping Falls

From May to September, we offer up our Plein air excursions to Onaping Falls, A.Y Jackson Lookout for schools and community groups. Please book dates in advance by emailing [email protected].

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