Artwork Donation

The Art Gallery of Sudbury has been building its permanent collection since our incorporation on 1 July 1997.

An acquisition consists of the transfer to AGS of title to a object, either by purchase, gift, bequest or exchange. Our collections mandate promotes the development of the permanent collection and is directed to enhance the strengths in the areas of historical and contemporary works of Canadian art, with emphasis on the art of the Greater Sudbury Area and the wider region of Northern Ontario.

Our permanent collection must allow us to fulfill all objectives outlines in our mission and statement purpose.

The Gallery will collect…

  • Fine art or historical objects of international, national or local significance that enhance our ability to educate the public about the visual arts or the history of art internationally, nationally or locally;
  • Fine art or historical objects that enhance our ability to create awareness and celebrate our region’s rich and diverse art originating in all our communities – Indigenous, Francophone, Anglophone and all other ethnic and cultural groups that call Sudbury home;
  • Fine art or historical objects that strengthen our relationship to Franklin Carmichael’s artistic legacy, and emphasize the importance of the Group of Seven to our region. 

We will not collect…

  • All art and objects collected by the Gallery must be consistent with the Gallery’s mission and purpose. 
  • Objects in exceedingly poor condition that cannot, through the intervention of a professional conservator, be returned to acceptable condition.
  • Objects that the Gallery does not have the capacity to store or care for according to professional standards.
  • Objects that are unknown of provenance.
  • Objects the donation of which is dependent upon the Gallery agreeing to meet restrictive terms (especially terms requiring perpetual display).
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