Giovanni Presenza at the Laughing Buddha

29 March 2016 TO 23 May 2016


Laughing Buddha

194 rue Elgin Street
Sudbury, ON
P3E 3N7

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Giovanni Presenza

Artist Statement

Art is life.

It has always been a defining part of who I am. Creativity and a sense of being go hand in hand. Through art I believe we are encouraged to use our imagination to create a higher sense of purpose, fulfillment and a deeper understanding of existence as constantly shifting, as an eternal journey of self-discovery.

Installation view.

I feel as well that every piece I do is only meant to exist as an original. If a particular theme or subject matter is popular then I will repeat it but it is always a unique one of a kind. Everyday is a gift to be appreciated and savored, and shared never to be taken for granted. This is the meaning of Life.

Portraits are incredibly unique.

What can be more mysterious or intriguing than the human face and the endless complexities of the diverse range of emotions that rise and fall and emanate forth from the subtle – and at times perhaps NOT so subtle – nuances of facial gestures.

Installation view.

Humans are incredibly intriguing subjects; the eyes can tell you much more than physical presentation and this in my opinion is the key to depth in artistic portrayal. With portraits, I study the eyes, the expression, then move onto the overall intensity and mood of the subject.

I do not strive for excessive overall detail rather my aspirations focus on the depth of the eyes in order to penetrate into the seat of the soul – the mind – leading the observer into the pictorial rendering allowing a momentary escape from reality to see deeply into the essence of another.

I know a piece has turned out well when I stand back and I “see” that person as if in front of me and only then have I achieved wot resides within my soul as well… that connection between artist, subject and the world…

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