Jennifer Walker at the Laughing Buddha

16 May 2016 TO 8 August 2016


Laughing Buddha

194 rue Elgin Street
Sudbury, ON
P3E 3N7

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Jennifer Walker

Walker describes her photography as “double exposures representing the complexity of [our] urban infrastructure in [the] developing downtown core.” Her black and white photos mimic the surroundings of a ghost town – omnipresent angles in conjunction with the lack of human presence fills the bright frames. In a way, the juxtaposition of Sudbury’s historic architecture against glistening lakes creates a sense of nostalgia that has the ability to bring you memories of “back in the day.”

Installation view.

If you have an opportunity to visit the Laughing Buddha this summer – be sure to take a moment and reflect on the beauty of our urban landscape as seen through the lens of Jennifer Walker. Sudbury; it may be gritty, it may be dull – but Walker has the ability to pump some civic pride into the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. 

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