Joey Solomon: Indisputable Realities

18 May 2023 TO 27 August 2023


Art Gallery of Sudbury | Galerie d'art de Sudbury

251 rue John Street
Sudbury, ON
P3E 1P9

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Joey Solomon


Ally Zmijowskyj Carlos

Artist Statement

The visual representations within these paintings do not contain social commentary, but are surreal depictions of the historical, and current treatment of indigenous peoples all over Canada.

Destruction of stolen historic land, residential schools, pollution, MMIW2S (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit People), and religious oppression, are not topics easily discussed or approached.

The intended purpose of the visuals, are to serve only as a catalyst for discussion and awareness.


Mezinibiiged e’Kidad

Newen mezinising zhiwe ninda mazinibiiganan gaawii gego tesno ezhiwebak megwaa kidiwin inendamowin, dash wiigwa maandaawinaagwog waabmbdowewinan owi megwaa endodaaziwaad Giizhaa Agaa Yaajig bemaadizijig miziwe Gaanada.

Binaajichigaadeg agaa gimooding agaa dibenjigaadeg aki, maamowi daang gikinomaage gamgoon, wiinaabitemigag, Nyaadizijig miinwaa Agaa Nisigaazijig Giizhaa Agaa Yaajig Kwewog, Kwezensag miinwaa Niish Manidowaag Bemaadizijig, miinwaa izhitwaawin nigaasijigaademigag, aawinon gaawii gagwech debaachigaadesinag maage bibaamenjigaadesinag.

Owi inendaagwog enaabidag newen mezininising aawon awii aawong owi ayaawong owi awii dibaachigaademigag miinwaa makowaataagoziwin.


Joey Solomon, Government Wendigo, 2021. Acrylic on canvas. Collection of artist.

Artist Biography

Born in 1980 in Sudbury, ON, and raised in Shebahonaning (Killarney), ON, from parents of Anishinaabe and Irish descent, Joey exhibited a passion for Art early on at a young age.

Along with drawing and painting, Music was always a dominant part of daily life.  Learning to play guitar & drums, then moving on to attend Fanshawe College for music production & engineering in 2000.

His passion for Art has evolved into a natural progression of the opinionated personality, expressed through surreal visuals.

Joey Solomon, Before the Book, 2022. Acrylic on canvas. Collection of the artist.

Mezinibiiged Ayaawid

Agii ndaadizi apii 1980 odi Sudbury, ON, miinwaa agii koginigaaza odi Shebahonaning (Killarney), ON, gewe ogitiziiman eyaawijig Anishinaabe miinwaa Irish, Joey Solomon agii waabmdowen aapaji gichi nendang mazinibiigewin apii oshkiniigid.

Bekish age owi mazinibiiged miinwaa otisiged, madowewechigewin pane agii aawinani e-digosing ensa giizhigag enakiid bimaadiziwining. Gikendang awii madowewetod madweyaabiigibijigan miinwaa odeweganag, miinwaa agii azhaa Fanshawe Ishpi Gikinomaage gamig owi madowewechigewin zhitoong miinwaa izhichigewin apii 2000.

Owi gichi nendang owi mazinibiigewin agii ani zhaamigag owi mashkowi indendamowin, waabmdowemigag newen maandaawinaagwog mezinising.

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