Lucie S. Lessard at the Laughing Buddha

26 April 2015 TO 28 July 2015


Laughing Buddha

194 rue Elgin Street
Sudbury, ON
P3E 3N7

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Lucie Lessard

Artist Biography

What a better way to express your feelings but threw colors!

Hi, my name is Lucie S. Lessard.

I started painting when I bought a weekend painting class from Vicky Bélair in Dowling as a gift for my mom. She always wanted to learn how to paint and I thought that a mother daughter time together would be great. And it was!!!

We have been painting acrylics for over 10 years now. For the last 5 years I discovered a love for oil abstract painting.

Installation view of Lucie S. Lessard, Untitled (Abstract #2), Oil Painting, 2013. Collection of the artist.

Painting for me is like a meditation and a way to mentally loose myself. I always use instrumental music to paint abstract.  When I start the music I will then let the feelings choose my canvas, my colors and then my paint.  I start painting thinking of nothing but listening to the music and let it lead the way on the canvas. It always amaze me how the colors blend together and that the result it always different. I will stop only the painting when I feel an Aw moment like Oprah would say!

Painting relaxes me, and gives me a satisfaction of creating something that does not exist!

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