The Long Thin Show…Continued

15 October 2020 TO 3 January 2021


Art Gallery of Sudbury | Galerie d’art de Sudbury

251 rue John Street
Sudbury, ON
P3E 1P9

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Chantal Abdel-Nour, Brigitte Bere, Susan Boyes, Olga Brinkman, Tony Chezzi, Joan Chivot, Catharine Cribbs, Mercedes Cueto, Judith L. Duncan, Linda Finn, Sue Gamble, Doug Goodale, Bonnie Hallay, Elizabeth Holmes, Gunhild Hotte, Mary Kay Phipps, Sylvia Kempson, Martin Kotyluk, Sue Laframboise, Ray Laporte, Lynn Latreille, Rosie Maddock, Michelle McAnsh-Gervais, Kim McKibbon, Susan E. O’Riodam, Liz Peekstok, Nicole Poulin, Katherine Rutherford, Paulette Stuart, Heather Topp


Elizabeth Holmes

Curating The Long Thin Show has been an engrossing experience. I discovered the unusual painting panels in an art supply store in London, Ontario several years ago and began transporting them a few at a time back to home base. The thought was: these could be the basis of an interesting project, and they were.

Over thirty artists were invited to participate, including five from other towns in Northern Ontario. The task was comparable to writing a sonnet: “ Here is the form——-how you fill it is up to you”

The resulting creations are amazing; some are serious, some amusing, some are colourful and others are sombre. Each artist made considerable effort to think through what sort of image would work effectively on this new and different format and several artists have experienced breakthroughs while engaged in the challenge. This exhibition has been made possible by means of a lot of team work from a number of people.

The audience thus far has expressed great appreciation and delight in viewing this imaginative and innovative work…..a positive and refreshing response in this time of COVID-19.

– Elizabeth Holmes

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