Wallace R. Gillard at the Laughing Buddha

23 January 2024 TO 23 April 2024


Laughing Buddha

194 rue Elgin Street
Sudbury, ON
P3E 3N7

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Wallace R. Gillard


Wallace R. Gillard
Ally Zmijowskyj Carlos

Artist Biography

I need to scribble. It’s a habit that allows me to focus. Jagged little sketches of rendered side thoughts that litter notebooks, documents, and post-its inspire my larger controlled works. I feel a drive to get lost in the artistic process; planning, smearing pigment, and refining details. Rarely limiting myself to one medium I seek to create captivating otherworldly scenes that foster interdimensional curiosities and explore the boundaries of reality and imagination. Through my art, I aim to speak to the inherent mysteries of our interactions with the natural world and our place within the universe. By blending surreal elements with obscure concepts, I strive to challenge perceptions, provoke contemplation, and engage in a deeper exploration of the human experience.

Wallace R. Gillard, Out of Reach (Print), 2017. Collection of the artist.
Installation view at Laughing Buddha, 2024.
Installation view at the Laughing Buddha, 2024.

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Artworks are available for purchase until 23 April 2024. All works must remain on display until the exhibition is complete. Local pick up for purchased works begins after the exhibition ends on 25 April 2024.

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